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CDSCO Registration requires you to put these labels on your cosmetics

CDSCO Registration can’t be acquired easily. 

But that’s not news to anyone; especially to the ones who know the intricacies of the process. 

Much of the difficulty of the process to get CDSCO licenses comes from its documentation requirements, there are many. 

Discussing them all at once would do nothing more than confuse you. Thus, we have come up with an innovative solution, just for you. In this article, we are going to highlight how to create label documentations. 

In this article, you’ll know the answers to the following: 

  • How to get started with label descriptions?
  • What information do you need to put in those descriptions? 
  • How can ask for our assistance to make it happen for you?

CDSCO Registration Labels: How to get started

The first thing you need to understand as an importer of the cosmetic, is the cosmetic itself. Naturally, you’re not going to import anything to the country that you have only a limited information for. Thus, you need to first gain as much information as you can about the product. 

Reach out to the manufacturers. Drill them with questions that you need answered, no matter how many calls it take. Once you’ve accumulated enough information, you can finally start the documentation process. 

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Before you begin to put the details down on paper, go through the CDSCO guidelines for the same. You should present your details in the format mentioned in those guidelines. The Organization, like other government departments, happens to be neurotic when it comes to format of the document. 


Here are the tips to have the right start when it comes to documentation:

  • Don’t use pen, type it down. 
  • Create tables to ensure that every information presented is succinct, concise and easy to understand. 

Information you’re required to enter in the label document

CDSCO approval is issued based on the accuracy of the labels. Thus, you need to enter the following information as precisely as possible. 

    • Name of the cosmetic product: No misspelling will be tolerated. 
    • Manufacturer’s details: In this section, you need to enter the manufacture details that entail the following:
      • Name of the manufacturer
      • Address of the manufacturer
      • Name of the country in which the product is being manufactured
      • In case the manufacturer doesn’t own the manufacturing unit, provide the name and address of the entity to which the manufacturing facility belongs to. 
      • Made in “[Country Name]”
    • Brief Manufacturer Info: The above section has to be placed in a major display pane. Other than that, you’d also need to provide a small container – a rectangle – in which you’d display the country of the manufacturer and the pin code. 
    • Expiration Date: You need to present the date before which the cosmetic is to be used. It’ll be considered as the expiration date. Use the tag – use before: [Month and Year] to provide that information.
    • Direction of Use: Provide the instructions of using the product. It’s also responsible, and mandatory, to add warnings along with the directions. 
    • Batch no: Every package has a batch number. It should be in a proper format. Provide the format of that batch number. 
    • Manufacturing License Number: If the country of origin has a mandatory license associated with a particular type of product, provide the license number of the same. 
    • Registration certificate details: Details of the registration certificate of the manufacturing facility, along with the names and addresses of those who hold that certificate.
  • Toxicity information: It’s non-optional to provide toxicity info of the cosmetic. Provide it as per the CDSCO certificate guidelines. 

If you’ve given the above information in the label documentation in a precise manner, CDSCO registration process has a better chance of success. 

Get CDSCO Certificate without any hassle by asking us to aid you

The issue of creating the right labels for CDSCO registration seems simple enough. However, the deeper you get into the information you need to provide, the more convoluted that information would get. 

As you need prevent in a slightest mistake while filing the application, you should not be afraid of reaching out our experts. 

We are professionals who understand the workings of CDSCO. Till this day, we have helped hundreds of importers to secure their CDSCO SUGAM registration certificate, and at a nominal price. 

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Just provide us the information about the labels, and leave the rest to us. We know which data is to presented properly, and which is to be ignored (yes, you have to ignore some). 

Our experts take great pains to file your application, and even conduct a follow-up with the department. You need professionals to represent your need for CDSCO certificate, and we are it. 

Let us represent your CDSCO needs. Contact us today. 

CDSCO registration requires you to put these labels on you cosmetics. Make sure you do so, for they are essential to getting CDSCO approval. If you stumble on the way, our experts would be ready to pick you up.