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14 Educational Apps for Users using iOS Smart Phones

Education is the backbone of any country or individual and every possible effort should be taken to become knowledgeable. Considering the vast use of technology these days, numerous applications have been designed to assist individuals in teaching and learning. It would be surprising to know that educational apps are used widely for making people learn, read and understand concepts. Below mentioned are some of the apps which are acting as a helping hand for spreading education across the world.


It is an e-reader app which can be used by kids for learning different things. This form of book has been integrated with different types of questions, activities and also dictionary. The app offers five books for free, however any more books than this can be purchased by paying an extra cost.


This application has a collection of audios, belonging to both classic and popular times. this app has turned reading and learning into a fun thing which keeps the learner more engaged in his/her education.

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Super Duper Story Maker

This app can be used by the students of primary school where they can create their stories with the help of text, images or drawings. This app helps the user to express their thoughts out, save them, print them and share it with others.

Educational Apps

Super Why

A wonderful app for the ones who have lately entered into the world of words and education, and with their little hands on the app they can search for rhyming words, numerical, alphabets and other things which catches their interest.

Handwriting without tears

This is a different form of teaching students how to write numbers and alphabets. The students are attracted for writing by using three different steps i.e. wet, then dry and finally try. Herein the user has to first track on the letter by applying a wet sponge at the place, then the area has to be dried using a dried towel and finally a piece of chalk can be used for writing the letter or number.

Grammar Jammers

Grammar is almost the most difficult thing for any student, but I guess ones who have tried this app won’t say this. The app has been designed for serving the needs of three different levels of students such as Primary, Elementary and Middle and they can improvise their grammatical skills well with this app.

My Math flash cards

With this app, students can learn more about addition, subtraction, and multiplication and division. This is the best app for the ones who are trying to get a grip on their maths and basic facts of it.

Happy Little farmer

This app has been designed for the preschool learners and they can learn about the life cycle of the plant. This app develops the interest of kids towards plants and then growing fruits and vegetables out of it. So one may learn many things while playing and using the app.

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Geography Drive USA

This app makes geography complete fun for the users and they love to take a drive across the country and become aware of the landmarks, historical places situated across the world.


This app can be used for two purposes which includes writing and recording voice. Herein the students while solving their math problems can express their thoughts by recording a video and then writing about it on the same.

Sushi monster

This app is a real good way of testing maths, wherein the user can test his mathematical skills and with increasing number of questions user can escalate the level of difficulty and test himself.

Super Duper: WH Questions Cards Pro

This app can be used by teachers who are not too fond of carrying long worksheets or papers along with themselves to different classrooms. This app has various number of questions based on different subjects and topics.


With this app student can match up their expressions with emotions. It is a very entertaining app for the users.

This tool is very useful for taking notes and with the use of this app students can take their notes on application. Herein note can be combined with images and voice notes to make it more educational and interesting.

Final Say

Above mentioned are some of the famous apps and there are many more in the market which can be used by students and other users to enrich their knowledge and gain perfection in different educational fields.