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How to wil your health

I recently received a 2003 press release from Lewin Group entitled “New Study Finds Used Multivitamin Consumer Adults Can Save $ 1.6 Billion”.

The source was quoted as saying: “While the evidence strongly supports the beneficial effects of multivitamins on the immune system’s effectiveness and in reducing the risk of heart disease, researchers also reviewed literature examining the benefits of multivitamin support as they are linked to more advanced cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and arthritis. .. “


Avoid junk food

Think about what that might mean, especially for those in nursing homes. I doubt that residents are often given vitamins every day. I believe that one of the reasons why COVID killed so many residents was so nutritious. Their antibodies are not able to carry the virus.

Remember, this was published in 2003, and little has changed since then. Americans still eat mainly junk food, out of the box. Many people take supplements to correct the lack of healthy food, but many supplements are taken from time to time, and the recommended doses are often inadequate.

For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, the recommended daily amount of vitamin C for 90 adult males is. For older women, it is 75 milligrams with caution against taking too much. (I’ve been taking mega doses of vitamin C for decades, and as you can say, it hasn’t killed me yet.). The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University recommends 400 mg / day of vitamin C, but who is following that “crazy” advice? Opportunity to find out? 400 mg / day on most daily diets is very small. What is the problem? It is a common hatred for dealing with inadequate healthy eating.

Nutrition education in medical schools is not enough. In “The State of Nutrition Education in Medical Schools” we read, “Many pleas have been made over the past two decades to improve the nutritional knowledge and skills of medical students and doctors.

Eating Healthy Food

They really were not enough. Unless your doctor teaches you about healthy eating, please don’t bother asking him what he will eat. He may disregard your vitamin supplement and tell you, “Just eat nutritious food, you’ll be fine.” She can eat cold pizza for breakfast while driving to the office which is an indication that she has no idea what food is right for her.

We are proud to have the world’s leading “health” system. However, the term “health care” primarily refers to the pharmaceutical industry, which is not “health care,” but a for-profit business. Big Pharma is launching an exhibition of expensive and often dangerous drugs, many of which have far more serious side effects than the condition being treated. The fact that the pharmaceutical industry has the guts to advertise its products on TV (“Ask your doctor, if XYZ is right for you”) is disregarded.

In view of the above, consider this: 34% of adults in the US are limited to illicit drugs. According to a new study, illicit drugs given to adults have been linked to an increase in hospitals, and it costs patients, on average, more than $ 450 a year. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 100,000 Americans die as a result of drug reactions each year, making it the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.

Such illicit drugs can be prescribed by a beloved and trusted physician, but I know little or nothing about the new drug other than what a retailer (perhaps even high school education) who visited the Office memorized the script and buzz words provided by the drug company he works for.

Improve Daily Nutrition

If you are interested in improving your nutrition and increasing your chances of having a healthy aging and looking better, what do you do? First, do something simple: clean up your eating habits. Remove as many refined carbohydrates as possible. Read product labels for carbohydrate content. I know how hard it is to get rid of sugar, but it is a killer. Slowly, I use Stevia instead.

Eat: eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat without antibiotics and meat without hormones and fish. Try the sweet Hemp hearts in your Coat oatmeal. (Both are available at Costco). Enjoy green blueberries (frozen from Costco). If you are not trying almond milk, please do so. You will know that you are on the right track when your supermarket shopping skips the middle aisles and, instead, focuses on the new veggie fruit.

Taking Multivitamin Supplements

If you do not take supplements and would like to get started, go easy on yourself. Start with a high-quality daily multivitamin such as Centrum. My favorite resource is Life Extension magazine. If you are a young person, do not let the news media intimidate you. There is much we need to be able to do to help us live longer. Remember, your health is YOUR responsibility, not your doctor’s.

Barbara Morris, R.Ph. pharmacist, author of “The New Put Old on Hold” and a recognized authority in health and anti-aging strategies. Subscribe to her monthly Put Old on Hold Journal at and receive her eBook recommending, “Twelve Tested Tips for Beautiful Skin.”