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The best Legal Metrology Consultants in Delhi

Legal metrology Consultants in Delhi help you with the most important and the least talked about business certifications in India – Legal Metrology Certifications. Read to know the types of such certifications that exist and how a Legal Metrology Consultant can assist you. 

All the products that are imported, manufactured, packed or sole in India have to meet certain “Quantitative standards” of the Legal Metrology Department. 

It’s an authority with the responsibility to enforce the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, which is to enforce and establish the weights and measure standards, regulate the trade and commerce of weights and measures equipments, and monitoring the goods that are sold or distributed by weights, measures or other quantitative dimensions..

The Act has made it imperative for every importer, manufacture or packer of every tangible to obtain Legal Metrology Certifications depending upon their business, and the nature of their products. The Legal Metrology Consultants assist them in getting these certifications. 

This article introduces to the best Legal Metrology Consultant in Delhi and intimates you about the services that they provide. 

What are the different kinds of Legal Metrology Services in India?

As per the rules of the Legal metrology Department, a packer, importer, and a manufacturer must obtain either all or some of the following certifications before they can start their business in India. 


    1. LMPC certificate:  To the business circles, it’s known as the Packer License. Issued under the Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Act,2009, the LMPC certificates dictates the information the packer must provide to the customer on the product’s package. It sets the dimensions of the display pane and the manner in which the important information about the product, and the manufacturer of the product must be provided.
    2.  Importer Registration: Paraphrasing the Section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, we get the information that all the importers of weights and measuring products must acquire import registration from the Legal Metrology Department. It’s issued only to the importers. 
  • Dealer Certification: Legal Metrology Act, 2009, defines a dealer as an individual or an organization that deals or does business in weights and measuring instruments either directly or indirectly. To become a dealer of such products, one needs to obtain the Dealer Certification. 
  • Model Approval: Section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 says that all the importers and manufacturer of the weights and measuring instruments must obtain the Model Approval on a mandatory basis before these instruments can be used for business in India. Model approval is a process with two methods; one is for the manufacturer of the said product, and another is for the importer. Manufacturers have to go through mandatory testing of their products for model approval, Importers are exempted from testing. 
  • Importer License: Importer License is mandatory on an Importer who  also packages the products before taking them to the dealers. As per the LMPC rules, an importer license dictates the way the information about the product’s manufacturing, ingredients, manufacturing date and subjectively the expiry date is presented in the products’ packages. 

How the LMPC Consultants can help you obtain those Legal Metrology Registrations?

You’ll start to encounter complications as soon as you apply for the first license. They will make you ask yourself questions such as:

  1. Who is this particular certification for?
  2. What is the procedure?
  3. Do you need to physically fill them up and submit them at your respective LMPC department?

Questions such as these require precise answers, and help. Legal Metrology Consultants in Delhi can help you in both cases. 

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The overarching procedure of obtaining the Legal Metrology Certification is the same. Their steps are as follows:

  1. Document Gathering,
  2. Filling the application form with precise details, 
  3. Submitting the application form physically, 
  4. And waiting as the Legal Metrology Department assesses it. 

A consultant can assist in the following manner:

  1. He or she will furnish the documents you need to get started. 
  2. They will fill your application form, taking care that all the details are precise and your form is free or any errors.
  3. They pay physical visit to your regional Legal Metrology Department to submit the form. 
  4. They also take care of any post-application filing requirements that you might need to fulfil after submitting the application. 

To get the gist of it, the take arduous task of obtaining the Legal Metrology Certification away from you so that you can focus on your regular business. 

Click here to know more about the Legal Metrology Consultants in Delhi. 

Legal metrology Consultants in Delhi help you with the most important business certifications in India – Legal Metrology Certifications. Read to know more.